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Gardner Road Farm, Lowville

"Men who do not hold in grateful remembrance the noble achievements of their ancestors, will themselves not do anything worthy of being remembered by their own posterity." - Macaulay

The Old Abandoned Buildings of Northern New York Website (oabonny.com) has photos, approximate locations, accompanying information and/or comments on abandoned structures and ruins in the Northern NY region.

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    The webmaster must apologize for the very outdated design of this site.  New content is added occasionally but someday, yes someday; the site will be redesigned to be more modern and responsive.

   There are over nearly five hundred structures and over seven hundred and fifty photos shown on this site, with new ones added when possible.  Many of the photos are from different aspects and angles when possible, and some have interior shots if permission from the owner is given (or the property is on public property).  Most shots are quick photos taken to display, chronicle, and archive the abandoned buildings in New York State.  If you are looking for more artistic photos you can check out the Artwork Page.   Many times visitors to the site and guest photographers will send photos to be included, and many amazing and unique structures have been found

     We consider an 'abandoned building' one that has not been inhabited or utilized for quite some time and is presently not in use when the photo is taken - though later some of the buildings may be demolished, rebuilt, re-used or re-tasked.  The photos presented here are for your entertainment, as well as to chronicle urban decay for historical purposes.

     If you know of an abandoned building or structure or have a photograph not shown on these pages, please send us an e-mail.  We do have a large list of suggestions from you; the visitors to this site, that we have yet to photograph.  And we welcome more.

     You can send us any comments on any of the photos here via the comment buttons, and they will be added to the relevant photo (please let us know if the comment you send is not meant to be posted publicly).  We also have accounts on Facebook here, Myspace here, a few photos on Flickr here, video (hopefully more sometime) on YouTube here, and some photos on Deviantart.com here.  Add us as a friend!Combs Road House, Page 1

     Many of the photos on these pages were shot by the webmaster, others were photographed by guest photographers while some photos were sent to the website anonymously.

     Please note - no property is trespassed on for photos taken by the webmaster but we have no control over what others do to retrieve their photos.  We get permission if we do want to take any interior shots or angles that can't be gotten from a zoom lens while on public property.  We hope to contribute a little to the idea of non-destructive Urban Exploration with these photographs.  Whether you call it Urban Exploration (UrbEx), Infiltration, Creeping, Urban Spelunking, Reality Hacking, Building Hacking, Urban Caving, Psychogeography, or whatever - we believe in passive observation, no damaging of property.  We are not held responsible or liable if you are injured, arrested, or fined if you investigate any of the locations on this website, many of these locations are dangerous if you were to enter them - as they may collapse, or could contain hazardous materials of many types.  If you plan on physically going to the location to look at any of the buildings presented here then please follow all laws, don't trespass, don't take anything, don't cause damage nor leave graffiti, get permission from the owner if you want to go inside, and be careful.

     No responsibility is taken for the information nor accuracy of what is presented on these pages.  All photos here are copyrighted by the webmaster or by the person who gave permission to use the photo, if applicable, and all rights are reserved and protected by the US copyright law.  You MUST ask permission before you use any of these photos, text, or any derivatives in any form whatsoever, which includes any reproductions, broadcasting, transmissions, distributions, or publishing in any form.Old house behind bushes on Route 283 (Pearl Street Road), Page 10

         If you would like to donate, even a little, please contact me - any donation goes solely to the hosting costs of the site.

       It's best if you have JavaScript enabled to use this site, as the menus and a few other parts of the site use it.  There are duplicate menus on the bottom of each page for those with accessibility issues. 

     Click this link to see the newest buildings on the site, click here to begin perusing the first photo page, click here for the webmaster favorites, Click on here to see some OABONNY-inspired or -derived artwork.  Or click a link in the menu which appears near the top of each page.  Below each structure's thumbnail is it's approximate location, relevant information, and sometimes anecdotes (if you have anything to add to any picture please click the comment button).  Near the bottom of each thumbnail page are links for jumping to any page number, or moving to the next or previous page.  Each thumbnail can be clicked on to view a larger and higher resolution photo.  Pressing your browser's BACK button will return you to the previous thumbnail page. 

     To search for a specific location there is a brief index of locations that can be found by clicking on the top menu (someday I plan on re-organizing all of the pictures into townships or something easier to peruse), or you may search the entire site for a location, category of buildings, or descriptions - use the Search box below.  To search for a phrase use quotes; like this: "Rector Road". 


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Millens Bay Road, Page 2

Visitor quote;
"To see pictures of all those beautiful abandoned dwellings just makes you wonder what happened to the families that once occupied them. I've had a passion for old dwellings and to come across your site was absolutely awesome. I spent all afternoon flicking through the pages and had great delight in doing so. Thank you for having this fantastic web site and I hope you will continue to provide more photos. All the very best." - Vervies K.

Are there any old abandoned structures that you'd like to see here, then send me directions!  Or take a couple shots and send them to me.  Is there any additional info you can provide on any of these buildings?  Also send me any questions, comments, or corrections by clicking here.


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